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Master Israel Velez III : President

Master Rich Stevenson : SR. Vice President

2nd Vice President: Master Sam Albright

Sgt in Arms & USA Director : Master Rich Stevenson

Grandmaster Robert Olah: International Director 

United Kingdom Director : Master Paul Corrigan

DLMA Board of Directors : GM Bob Choat , Grandmaster John Enger , GM Bruce Calkins, Master John Oliver, Master Paul Corrigan, Master Larry McFadden, Master John Landry, Master Mike Frazier.





Members World Wide


DLMA Representatives :

Sifu Alvin Pate USA Representative

Sensei Mike Weaver : USA Representative

Sensei Michael Haralambou : USA Representative

Master Elder Lee Hulley : USA Representative

Master Bobby Calvery : USA Representative  

Sensei Jeffrey Oliver USA Representative

Sifu Benjamin Lawrence USA Representative 

Master Martin Folan United Kingdom Representative

Master Leonardo Panzardo Uruguay Representative 

Master Kaleem Saeed United Kingdom Representative

Master John M. Landry Florida, USA Representative 

Master Jason Spotts, USA Representative  

Master Bob Yoder , Ohio USA Reprsentative 

Master Casey Martin , NC USA Representative 

Shihan Jay Sandlin Ohio Representative

Sensei Robert Reppert Nebraska Representative

Master Kevin Glidden New Mexico Representative

Chichi Soke Oushi J. Sandlin Ohio Representative

Master Israel Velez New Jersey Representative

Sifu Quoc Tran New Jersey Representative

Master Michael Carmiche New Jersey Representative

Master Shawn Hutchins Virginia State Representative

Soke Larry D. Mckinzy Independence , MO Representative

Master Christopher Hanes New York Representative  

Sensei Douglas Veronesi , Massachusetts Representative

Soke Lateasha Y. Mckinzy Independence , MO Representative

Master Joseph Capps Virginia State Representative

GrandMaster Craig M. Boardman DLMA Representative

Sensei Anthony M. Hockley Australia Representative

Sensei Kevin F. Schaefer North Carolina State Representative

Master Rich Stevenson Ohio Representative

Master Chico Hernandez Maine Representative

Master David Coupal Canada Representative 

Sifu Joel B. White Connecticut Representative

Master Mark Anthony Snow New York Represntative

Master Alvie L. Walts Texas Representative

Master Luis Santiago Massachusetts Representative

Master Dave Spangler York , PA Representative

Master Bill Dixon United Kingdom , Representative

Master Ed Byrne United Kingdom , Representative

Shihan Nyingje Norbu / Master Jason Carter : Ontario, Canada Representative

Joe Glor : NY Representative

Pedro Queirós : Portugal Representative

Robert Olah : IL Representative

Kevin Glidden : USA Representative 

Frank Cole : KY , USA Representative 

Aaron St. Louis : Massachusetts, USA Representative

Paul Hickey : PA , USA Represenatative

Shannon Weaver : PA , USA Represenatative

Bob Choat : USA Represnataive

Lebaron Williams : USA Represenatative

Walter Green : USA Representative 

Jeff Riggs : Texas , USA Representative 

Sifu Dr. Muhammad Naseeb Ullah Khan : Pakistan Representative
Thor Sulland : United Kingdom Representative
Master Bruce Calkins : NY USA Representative 
Master Greg Fraser : NY USA Representative 
Robert Francis : USA Representative
Sixto Little Sumo Lopez : Florida , USA Representative
Tore Thomassen : Norway/Swedden/Finland Representative
Alex Rodriguez : California , USA Representative   
Jonathan Kruger : Zambia South Africa , Director / Representative 
Larry Green : NY Representative 
Sensei Tyler Ballek : USA Representative 
Sensei Jeff Brumett : MN Representative 
Sensei Tim Hensley : Usa Representative 
Master Marcelo Barreira : Brazil Representative
Master Eduardo Moraes : Brazil Representative
Master Ivan Gomes Sobrinho : Brazil Representative  
GM Jay Blanton : Florida USA Representative
Master John Oliver : USA Representative
Sensei Lance Tackett : USA Representative
Sensei Rich Cranch : USA Representative
Master Jason Uga : USA Representative
Sensei Thomas D. Dudley : USA Representative 
Master John T. Todd : USA Representative 

DLMA Members :

Thomas D. Dudley : USA 

Murat Tailsman : USA 

Nathaniel Caudill : USA

Phillip Jones : USA 

Joel Santos : Canada

William Binaxas : VA , USA

Donnie Thompson : Alabama , USA
Brandie L. Boring : MI , USA
Ed Lira : Texas , USA
E.J. Saffell : Ohio , USA
Gustavo Villarruel : Venezuela
Erik Pangelinan : CA , USA
Jerry Salyer : Ohio , USA
Jon Armstrong : Ohio , USA
Kyle Scherer : Ohio , USA
Alvin Pate : USA
Allen Putney : New Jersey , USA
John Buckley : Massachusettes , USA
Shannon Michael Weaver : Hanover, PA
Melben C. Pilande : CA , USA 
Bruce Calkins : NY USA
Jonathan Romero : NJ USA
Scott Lunsford : USA
Shawn Crago : USA
Robert Francis : USA
Sam Albright : USA
Richard Crafton : USA
Jeanna Crafton : USA
Andrew M.D.C. : USA
Phill Berry : USA
Eric Berry : USA
Sigmond Smith : USA
Amit Patel : USA
Tore Thomassen : Norway
Tom Cleaver : Indiana USA
Tom Hotz : Massachusetts USA
Michael Robinson : Michigan USA
Leo Napoli : USA
Sammy Napoli : USA
John Enger : USA
Dave Mayo : USA
Kyle Miller: USA
Tony Kasar : USA 
Bill C. Kelly : USA
Sean T. Langenwalter : USA
Bill Myers : USA
Brian Erdrich : USA 
Chester W. Wright : USA
Tom Hogue : USA
Keith Coffey : USA
Paul D' Ambrosio : USA
Miguel Arce : USA  
Eric Ross : USA 
Courtney Brunwasser : USA 
John Cope : United Kingdom
Danny Aruda USA
Luis Santiago USA
Kenneth Bill Wagner UK
Kyle Elliot USA
Craig Hamm USA
Justin Grimes USA
John R. Holden USA
Phillip Kouse USA 
Michael Baza USA 
Daniel Wittler USA 
Christopher H. Hanes USA
Kenneth Wyss : USA 

DLMA is free to join. To become a member you must send in by email or mail your most recent rank certificate. To become a DLMA Rep , you must send in by mail or email your most recent rank certificate and check in every few months or you will be down graded to a regular member. Reps that run a martial arts school and want a charter license will have to send in most recent rank certificate and a website address or video of martial arts training or instruction. Video or any info given in for a charter license will be reviewed by DLMA Board. We have a dlma forum and a dlma facebook group page to keep member status you do not need to post everyday but should check in from time to time. DLMA does not charge any fees or tell members how to teach or how to run there school. The DLMA rank certs that are given to members are for members to fill in earned ranks. DLMA members can not use the rank certs to self promote. Any promotions used with dlma certs must be earned and approved by a DLMA instructor. Instructors can use the dlma rank certs as there school cert or issue them with there own certificate. Reps are nominted by the Board or the DLMA President. DLMA rank certs are to be honored by all dlma members. DLMA is not a certificate mill. Use integrity when filling in DLMA certificates. To join email President Master Israel Velez : izzyjujitsumaster@yahoo.com or mail to : DLMA PO BOX 710 Elizabeth NJ 07207 USA. Thank you Master Israel Velez III DLMA President & Founder.