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TKD Times Magazine July 2005

 Page 20

Tran Receives Highest Rank Next to Founder

Hackensack, NJ .... On March 18, 2005 , Master Quoc L Tran, founder and Cheif instructor of Tran's Combat Martial Arts, was awarded the rank of sixth-dan in Filipino martial art of Street Fucus. Its founder, Grandmaster Nelson D. Vargas presented the new rank to Master Tran who now is the highest - ranking member of Street Fucus next to its founder. 


Check out the DLMA Awards listed in the Combat Martial Arts Association Newsletter Auguest 2005 Issue



The Second International Board Breaking Contest will be in October . The AMJ / DLMA Board Breaking Contest check out the rules on the AMJ Tournament Page . It will be a free contest to all AMJ / DLMA Members . Check out the rules http://www.amj.iwarp.com/whats_new.html 

The AMJ / DLMA made a donation to help the Katrina victims . We will be breaking boards for the People , animals and our great nation .

Check out the 1st AMJ / DLMA Board Breaking Contest website . www.amjtournaments.iwarp.com

Check out the results of the DLMA International Board Breaking II Contest  10/2005 Check out the Tournaments Page











DLMA News Interview with Master Israel Velez III DLMA President

DLMA News : Why is the DLMA Championships and the DLMA Important to you ?

Master Velez : I want to be the Flag ship of the DLMA , I love this fed / org because it is free and International we are a group of teachers and students that offer free membership to any martial artists . The Championships is important to me because certain websites been gunning for me , I will do my best in this tournament to rep the DLMA because some are joining from feds that are not the AMJ . BHMA , TJD , Or the DLMA . I invite all to enter and I have pushed this more than any other tournament I have helped run or entered .

DLMA News : How do you feel as a martial artists in the public eye ?

Master Velez : Im not perfect but GOD is with me . My Fiance , baby daughter and dad fuel me to do my best .

DLMA News : Why is this tournament important ?

Master Velez : This is not just any tournament its a world championship that is going to be held in different dojo's and locations around the world .

DLMA News : Why should people enter this tournament ?

Master Velez : It gives us a chance to show what we got and how good we are and can be . The most important reason is for the children that we are doing this for at ST Jude's hospital . We are going to raise money for children in need . I really love my daughter and want the best for her . Kids should never hurt or suffer and I will be at my best for this tournament for my daughter and kids that are in need .


DLMA News Interview with Master Paul Corrigan DLMA Hall of Famer and UK Rep .

1. Why should people join the DLMA ?

The DLMA is an organisation for all martial artists and encourages individualism amongsts it's members. It is not weighed down by traditionalism, yet it upholds the values of what a true martial warrior should be, theses are some of the reasons why people should join the DLMA.
2. Why did you enter the DLMA World Championships ?
I entered the DLMA World Champs to support the DLMA President and his excellent ideas and also to compete with myself as this gives my training an extra edge.
3. What does it feel like to be a martial artists in the public eye ?
I've never felt like I am in the public eye, but I am becoming well known in martial arts circles worldwide, I had success as an athlete in my 20's and the attitude you build remains .
4. Why should people enter the DLMA Championships ?
Veryshort answer, enter for youself and be PROUD of your acheivements.
5 . What does it mean to you to be the DLMA Rep in the UK ?
I am proud of my position as UK rep and I promote the DLMA at any given opportunity ,the work Master Velez has put into the League deserves that others also put something back into the martial arts community, and this is what I attempt to do through the DLMA.
Nov 19 , 2007
DLMA News Interviews DLMA President Master Velez
1.How many tournaments will be held in 2008 ?
The DLMA will have a DLMA world board breaking championship . The DLMA World Games and the DLMA Challenge.
2.Members have untill the end of Jan 2008 to email you that they have done the DLMA Challenge ?
3. DID You post you will bench press 100 pounds more than your weight for one of your challenges ? Yes that is correct.
4. What is the challenge about ?
The challenge is for every member to set a goal that they never did or have not done in a very long time . It can be any goal , not just a martial arts challenge, it can be running a mile in a certian time or a board break or a weight loss goal.
5. Your challenge is not easy can you do it ?
I hurt my back real bad , it will be a very big test for me to press that much weight , I have not done that in years . I have never broke a brick and I have broken 5 boards but not 6 . I want to push myself to the limit . You only live once and the time is now , and I wont fail my daughter .
6. What is the DLMA ?
It is a free Martial Arts Fed/Org that stands for unity and freedom . You can join for free and have our support. You can be any rank and practice any style. We have members all over the world . We are also a Martial Arts League that has tournaments through out the year for its members. We also have a message board and a blackbelt registry and board breaking registry.
7. Master Velez good luck and do you have any comments ? Thanks , I need my family and friends support for the challenge and I want to thank Master Corrigan for his support and all the members that stay active.
Feb 2008 DLMA News Interviews DLMA President Master Velez
DLMA NEWS : How far do you want to take the DLMA ?
Master Velez : I want this FED / ORG / LEAGUE to grow and I am going to place ads in magazines . The DLMA will not control your school , we will help make it better with all our free options . Schools get free certs , tournaments and use of our message board that has some of the best instructors in the world ready to help you with your martial arts needs .
DLMA News : What is next for you and the DLMA Touranments ?
Master Velez : I have been a competitor since the age of seven . I enjoy Martial Arts , and I enjoy being a letter carrier because of the challenege of finishing the job I'm asked to do . It would be much easier to just promote the DLMA tournaments and just run the show but I am a competitor . Sometimes in life people need challenges.
DLMA NEWS : What do you think of the board breakers on tv (espn ) ?
Master Velez : It is fun to watch and see the speed and how many boards they break in a set time . But most of all the breaks are done with spacers . I did do breaks in the past with spacers and I don't have a problem with spacers , it is much smarter and safer to use spacers but with no spacers that shows the power . To go through more than 3 or more boards is not easy if you have spacers it is very easy . My best break is 5 boards with no spacers and this year by May or before I will go for six or seven boards . That will be a true powerful test .
DLMA NEWS : Thanks for your time and do you have any last words ?
Master Velez : If I get the DLMA Where I want it , I will use my power and stage to compete with our tournaments and really raise money for good will . I also want to thank Caryl the Mother of my daughter , She does a lot for me and our baby and I thank her . I want to thank my friends for helping me get through balancing my job , and the DLMA .
IBF  NEWS : Master Israel Velez III Set a world record for the International Breaking Federation this past June 2015. Master Velez broke 10 boards with a crane wrist. The IBF is having a breaking championship this month. Talk in the breaking and martial arts community is can Velez Top the Big Break ? When will the next big break or stunt happen ? Velez did the break for autism awareness. Every time Velez or the IBF has an event it is for a good cause. IBF Vice President Paul Hickey has set his share of world records and plans on setting his sights on more IBF world records. Hickey is one of the only few breakers that can say he has world titles and records in all major breaking federations around the world. The IBF plans to have a hall of fame section in the federation very soon. stay tuned and up to date with IBF news on this page. For IBF contest info and world records check out israelvelez.com . 
Master Shannon Weaver has set a new IBF world record for his Elbow concrete break this past summer. Weaver plans to contiue breaking in the IBF and has raised money for autism awareness throguh his breaks with the IBF. check out the IBF on israelvelez.com 
IBF will honor Henry Eggleton later this year when it announces its hall of fame inductions. Master Eggleton was a great martial artists and world class breaker. He passed away this past September.